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Distance/e-Learning/Ed Tech Challenges Workshop: Corporate, Higher Ed, K12: REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

  • 23 Sep 2014
  • 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Peirce College


  • FREE

Registration is closed

9/23/14 @ Peirce College


In the PADLA spirit, you are cordially invited to share your expertise, insight, and ideas to help our Corporate, Non-profit, Higher Ed, Ed Tech, K-12 presenters who are facing real-world Distance/e-Learning/Ed Tech Challenges within their organizations.

Past presenters, and also attendees, have found this peer-to-peer interactive workshop to be very valuable in meeting their own challenges and gaining additional insights into how others solved theirs.

Presenter does a 5 minute Challenge introduction to the entire audience, then conducts 4 rotating small group workshops, and closes with a 5 minute re-cap to share their findings with the entire audience.

Challenges include:

We have a talented team of trainers and subject matter experts at Sunoco University.  Each team member comes with a diverse background and limited training in project management.  We recognize the value of utilizing effective and efficient project management methodologies, but we are unsure of the best strategies to manage small, large, and ongoing training projects.  Here are some questions that we have been asking:  What are some specific suggestions to get us started?  Should we take the same training?  What are some real-life experiences that have been successful at your corporate university, training department, or similar environment?  Do you have any guides or tips that could help us incorporate principles of project management? 

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences is a small, private institution in Lancaster, PA. Over the past few years, we have been experiencing rapid, significant growth and are now at a point where we have outgrown our physical space and need to build a new campus, but, unfortunately, we don’t know when that will be. The challenge is that, in the meantime, we still need to upgrade our educational technologies, such as lecture capture, technology for learner-centered spaces/classrooms, more functional teaching technology, etc, but we don’t want to spend a lot of money on technology that won’t be easily portable. We are seeking strategies for educational technology stop gap measures that will keep us on pace with the needs of the institution, but will still allow us to move to our new building when the time comes, without leaving technology behind.

  • Viddler: "Controlling Interaction on a Smartphone"

Smartphone use is everywhere and consuming content from mobile devices is on the rise. Viddler has created a video player with many special controls for training to provide users with the ability to comment in the timeline, answer questions, and tailor the playback to their needs with:

        Chapter menus

        Speed selector

        Jump ahead and Go back short-cuts

        Transcripts and/or captions in multiple languages

But how do you make these features usable from a small smartphone display? Are there some features that simply wouldn’t be used from a phone? Help us figure out our display and user experience for the phone using paper prototypes.

The Council for Exceptional Children, a DC-based non-profit, and its educational technology partner, d’Vinci Interactive, provide special education eLearning materials to middle and high school students.  The curriculum is focused on “transition” and is provided through an online community called “Life Centered Education.”  This year the Council has to decide how the new Common Core standards can be incorporated into the online portal for teachers and students.  Our challenge is how to incorporate “proof of progress” into the eLearning portal. Currently the eLearning provides eLearning lessons that teachers can assign to their students.  There are not strong interactive learning or reporting options.  How can we modernize this popular eLearning tool to meet or exceed the new standards?

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