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Mobile Learning: Case Study & Technology Review

  • 24 Feb 2015
  • 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Devereux Conference Center, 444 Devereux Drive, Villanova PA 19085


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PADLA cordially invites you to attend our next meeting to be held on 2/24/15 at the Devereux Ronald P. Burd Conference Center @ 444 Devereux Drive, Villanova, PA 19085, featuring two presentations on Mobile Learning:

"Mobile-ized Information Transfer: Mobile Learning in the Parking Management Industry ": Presented by Donald E. Hurford, Vice President, Human Resources @ Parkway Corporation &  Bryant Kuehner, OD Analyst

Info-on-demand is the new status quo for the mobile generation.  Content at one’s fingertips is now taken for granted, and workers now expect that level of access from their employers, particularly in the realms of training and development.  The Parkway Corporation has collaborated with TrainByCell to develop a customized mobile learning site that provides this level of accessibility to our parking operations managers.  Use of this platform has also aided in formalizing transfer of previously “tacit” knowledge within the Parkway Corporation.   Applications of the mobile site that will be demonstrated in this presentation include short job aids, learning videos, long form standard operating procedures,  electronic forms and workflows.

"Introduction to m-Learning" : Presented by Stu Maleeff, Dir of Development/Founder @ Mobile Info Pros

In a world where more and more powerful devices are at everyone’s finger tips, how do you effectively deliver training to an audience that’s not always in front of a desktop computer? mLearning is not a replacement for traditional classroom instruction or eLearning, but it can be a great complement to either or both.  Mobile Info Pro’s technology allows instructional designers (or functional managers) to rapidly deploy content to the devices that their people are constantly carrying; smart phones and tablets. The platform uses a device's native browsers instead of having to incur the expense and time of developing mobile apps for each different mobile platform. In addition, people are notified of available content via text messaging while managers can use engagement tools to monitor and log progress. mLearning is now available to organizations of any size at any time, from any place, on any mobile device.

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