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NEDLA Executive Director at WHERS 2022

03 Apr 2022 10:10 AM | Kenji Sakulrat (Administrator)

NEDLA Executive Director, Dr. Laura Dowling, leads panel discussions at the World Higher Education Ranking Summit (WHERS) 2022. WHERS brings together the world’s brightest minds in higher education, leading authorities like the United Nations, prominent changemakers, government officials, and policymakers to implement best practices and adopt new technologies to innovate higher education. “I’m honored to be a part of the WHERS team,” says Dr. Dowling. “Innovation in academia is long overdue. The primary purpose of university education is to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for a chosen career. Universities are failing to deliver at a significant financial burden to the student consumer and increasing dissatisfaction of industry (employers) who claim graduates lack basic skills in multiple areas. The higher education business model, technology, and pedagogy is outdated for a digital, social economy and not delivering ROI. The time for transformation in higher education is now. “

Dr. Laura states, “Another significant pain point is the broken university ranking systems.  College ranking systems focus on prestige instead of learning and student experience once they enter college, driving the cost of college up and standards down. Uniranks, the world’s largest university ranking engine, is a catalyst for driving transparency and accountability in higher education. Universities will be ranked on high academic standards, diversity and inclusion, employability post-graduation, ROI, and much more. Diverse participation from around the globe will accelerate knowledge sharing of best practices through collaboration and metaverse technology.”

Dr. Dowling led the following discussion panels: How to Bridge the Gap Between Industry and Academia: Ways to Enable Students with Work-ready Skills, The Impact of Student Voices and Stakeholder Feedback on Global Ranking, How to Support Students’ Mental Health and Well-being, Creation of Transparent Universities Through the Power of Leadership, and Student Services and Employability.

“It was an honor to work with Majdi Abu Alhaj and Linda Qeblawi on this important effort. It was a pleasure joining colleagues and students from across globe including Dr. J. R Reagan, Dr. Dennis Dipasguale, Humam Dweik, Rai Nauman Mumtaz, Professor Daniel Chatham, Dr. Ghassan Issa, Dr. Ajith Kumar, Rita Kakati-Shah, Dr. Bruce Mackh, Dr.  Michael Leslie, Ed Samuel, Dr. Georgia Bedford, Ruth Fuente, Timothy Markle, Connor, Shannon Blake-Lynch, Rashmi Sharma, and Sheherbano Shabbir.”

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